The Hair Colour Checklist

Whether it’s a passing phase or perennial love, dyeing your tresses can make or break not only your look but also the quality of your hair. Neeharika Nene puts down a guideline to help you avoid the perils of hair colouring.

As common as hair colouring is, it can, sometimes, be a tedious process. Especially, if you don’t have your basics in place. Because then your hair stands the chance of increased problems and even permanent damage. For people who colour their hair frequently, and on a regular basis, this damage might become worse. So if you’re diving head first into the world of hair colour, we’ve got some essential tips that you MUST go through before you start.


Don’t assume right away that your hair is in the perfect condition to be coloured, this is a common mistake made my many. “Before colouring your hair you should make sure that your hair is healthy and not very brittle,” says Afreen Elavia, Top Stylist at Jean-Claude Biguine, India. “Go for an Olaplex treatment to strengthen your hair before getting your tresses coloured.” “Try keeping your hair clean from grease and grime before colouring your hair. Oil-free and dry hair is a pre-requisite to hair colouring,” says Adhuna Bhabani, Founder and Creative Director, BBlunt India.

Don’t compromise on the shade

Once you choose your shade, remember that it’s here to stay, whether you like it or not. Though it is correctable, it can further damage your hair with another round of chemical treatment. So, it’s important to be sure of the shade that you want and the impact it will have on your hair. “Always select a shade that complements your skin tone and eye colour—the result will be nothing short of gorgeous! It also helps to keep in mind the most predominant colour in your wardrobe,” advises Adhuna.

Product perfect

Often, you may be allergic to a product. This makes it imperative that you take certain safety measures before you begin the process. Never dive directly into it. “If you are using a new hair colour product, you don’t know how your skin is going to react to it. We recommend conducting a patch test 48 hours before dyeing your hair to check for any signs of allergy. Prevention is always better than cure,” elaborates Adhuna. Every skin type is drastically different from the other. For the most part, choosing a brand that your skin and hair are already familiar with will be helpful.

Colour it right

There are also a few other precautions to be taken while colouring your hair. The actual process is the most important, and thus, you need to make sure that everything is done right. Melroy Dickson, General Manager, Education, Matrix India, shares a few of these important precautions: “The person colouring hair must always wear gloves. Always respect development time. Emulsify the colour, it helps in adding shine and enhances the conditioning properties of the color. Correctly and thoroughly rinse out the product with tepic water.” Once you take these precautions, you’re good to go. While some people may opt for colouring their hair at home, it is more advisable to get it done professionally. You’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to a tedious procedure like this!

After the procedure

“It’s important to use homecare that is specially designed for coloured hair. Correct home-care helps maintain the vibrancy of colour and quality of hair,” explains Melroy. After the procedure, you must remember that your hair is a little more delicate now than it used to be. And thus, it needs better care. Coloured hair is also susceptible to drying out more easily than untouched hair. Sometime after colouring your hair you may experience dryness and illusion of frizzier hair,” says Elavia. “To avoid the same you should consult your stylist and use the products they suggest. Lastly, pamper your manes with a hair ritual every month.”

That is pretty much all it takes! Although it may seem like a lot, trust us when we say that the end result will be worth it. So, if you have been hesitant to dye your hair, then fret not—if you take these simple precautions, the results will be mind-blowing!

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