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Make-Up Must-Knows For The Bride-to-be

While your make-up for the wedding ceremonies is taken care of by the professionals, for all other days, you’ve got to manage on your own! Here are the make-up essentials for the bride-to-be for when you’re putting together your bridal beauty kit.

Foundation and concealer

In a bid to make you look fair and radiant, most make-up artists would literally paint your face with a lighter foundation shade, which is a complete no-no! The base make-up should be used to enhance your natural features and hide certain imperfections rather than altering your skin colour. Make sure you match the foundation to your jawline to get the correct shade. Always check the shade in natural lighting. The harsh artificial lighting in the stores can totally distort the actual shade, and you might end up buying the wrong shade for your skin tone. Avoid foundations that contain high SPF for parties or events as this is the reason for the ghostly whitish cast in flash photography. Always test your base make-up beforehand to test for any allergic reactions, to check if they slide off your skin in a few hours, or if it oxidises, etc.

Face primer

A good face primer will ensure that your make-up lasts longer and helps in avoiding the need for touch-ups. Also, this helps in mattifying areas on the face which are prone to get oily like the
T-zone. Some face primers also help in minimising the appearance of pores if they are of concern.

Face powders

All the hard work that goes into application of the base make-up can easily go to waste if
you don’t set it properly with a face powder
or a compact. To keep your base make-up intact for hours and shine-free, add one of them to your bridal trousseau.


Blushes and brides are matches made in heaven. It is an absolute must for every bride to flaunt those natural-looking flushed cheeks; it adds the extra ‘oomph’ and brings life back to your tired face. Every bride-to-be should have a pink-rosy blush, a peach blush and an earthy toned blush that will complement all sorts of outfits, ranging from party wear to everyday wear.


Lipsticks play an integral part in any bride’s make-up kit. Do not hesitate to splurge on lipsticks and also experiment with various finishes. Every bride should own a bright red,
a fuchsia or a hot pink and a nude (peach or pink) lipstick.

Eyeshadow and eyeliner

A dab of neutral colour on the lids is all that a bride needs for an extra glam look. It works for those brides who are new to eye make-up since neutral earthy shades complement all outfits. Eyeliners are perfect to lift up the shape of the eyes and a dash of liner is the easiest way to look made-up without much effort. An Indian bride’s wedding trousseau simple cannot be complete without eyeliners.


Not all brides are blessed with long luscious lashes, but thanks to mascaras that help us fake it. It is an essential beauty product for all brides as eye make-up cannot be complete without one.

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