Fragrant and Therapeutic Remedies

Aromatherapy, the ancient art of healing entails more than just massaging with essential oils. Aromatherapist Rupal Tyagi elaborates on the most pleasing form of rejuvenating one’s soul.

A mood-altering method of healing, aromatherapy, uses essential oils extracted from plants, herbs, trees, flowers, etc. It uses a holistic approach, which eliminates the side effects of modern medicine. The therapy, with its methods
of healing with oils, aims at treating the mind, body and soul not only by addressing the disease but also its causes—an approach that is useful in treating both men and women, while aiding in reducing stress and uplifting one’s mood.

The approach

As most health issues are the result of one’s lifestyle, a complete aromatherapy session includes going through clients’ medical history and the lifestyle they lead, with an emphasis on understanding their frame of mind. Once all these are clear to the aromatherapist, the patient is given a blend of essential oils, with a recommendation for suitable lifestyle changes, diet
and exercise.

Blender’s art

Aromatherapy is the art of healing by blending one or more essential oils in the base oil, which are usually cold-pressed nut, fruit or vegetable oils. These blends are used on patients either by way of massage or topical application. Essential oils can be used on their own as long as they are diffused.

Oil for the organs

Each essential oil has an affinity to different organs of the body. For example, eucalyptus heals respiratory problems, whereas peppermint works wonders on the digestive system, and rose oil helps the reproductive system.
When essential oils are massaged onto the skin or inhaled through the nose, their molecules get absorbed into the bloodstream and reach the organ. However, it's important to note that aromatherapy does not overrule the need for modern medicine even as it supplements as an effective alternate therapy.
The writer is a certified aromatherapist and founder of Wikka, which supplies essential oils used for aromatherapy.

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