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From playing an English woman who dares to fall in love with an Indian during the British Era in Madrasapattinam to being the one who rescues the hero in Singh Is Bling, Amy Jackson has made quite a statement about women being more than just eye candy. The gorgeous lady shares her beauty secrets with Anisha Suvarna.

The Britain-born model-turned-actor Amy Jackson first made an appearance on the big screen down South. She has shared screen space with some of the best names in the industry—Rajnikanth and Dhanush, to name a few. Though she made her debut in Bollywood, it was Prabhudeva’s Singh Is Bling that got people talking about her. Her no-nonsense character who beats up goons to pulp was a rather memorable one. She is currently the brand ambassador for Pond’s Pimple Clear Facewash, Pond’s India, and is happy sharing the secrets to her clear and healthy skin. Stay tuned.

What is your skincare routine like?
For me, cleansing and moisturising go hand in hand. These two steps help me battle most of my skin woes, even pimples. As a daily cleanser, I use a face wash. I like to follow it up with a light organic moisturiser and occasionally, add a hydration mask to my skincare regime, especially while travelling.

What skincare mistakes should one be careful of avoiding?
Never ever touch a pimple. Also, I’ve been told never to squeeze a zit because it spreads germs and takes ages to disappear. On days such as these, I divert the focus from the pimple by applying on eyeliner or by going bold with red lips.

Beauty products you cannot live without…
A good lip balm! Whether I’m in flight or in different temperatures, it keeps my lips lush all the time. I also like having an aqua mist spray to keep my face fresh while I’m shooting outdoors. Lastly, a good face wash.

Do you try out home remedies too as part of your skincare?
I think skincare starts with eating healthy; I indulge in sweets but balance it out with healthy bites to flush out the toxins; I start my morning with something as simple and efficient as apple or carrot juices.

One celebrity who you think has never had a bad make-up day?
If I had to pick, I would say Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, she is the poster girl for all things beauty.

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