Minus The Sinus

Experiencing a sinus problem is a misery. The battle to deal with a runny nose or an absolutely blocked nose is difficult. Your head feels heavy and it becomes a task to be able to breathe. However, there are a few simple solutions you could resort to in order to get rid of that headache and sinus.

Nasal Irrigation

One requires a neti pot to carry out this procedure. Mix baking soda, salt and warm water in the pot. Now, hold the pot diagonally upwards with its head facing one of your nostrils. Tilt your head and let the water flow into your nose from one nostril and escape through the other. This clears the nasal passage and gets rid of the blockage.


Steam is effective in loosening phlegm. Thus, it helps you in clearing your throat as well as nose. Boil water, add eucalyptus oil, Vicks and camphor. Now inhale this steam by placing your head above the steaming water. Cover your head with a towel in order to prevent the steam from escaping.

Drink Hot Water

Drinking hot water is an excellent remedy for a sore throat and a sinus. Hot water helps in thinning phlegm and works as a decongestant.

Warm compresses

Warm compresses provide relief from headaches along with soothing your sinuses. Place a warm compress on your sinuses (low centre of your forehead) for 15 minutes regularly. This will definitely prove to be helpful in the long run.

Chicken Soup

It has been proven that chicken soup has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. These properties clear congestions related to sinus and curb inflammation.

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