Queen! Hair, there, everywhere

Deepika Padukone has played many different roles in her career, and almost each one of them had the actor sport a different hairstyle. Anisha Suvarna recounts a few of them that stood out and left many
spell bound.

Hairstyle can change the way you look. The ethereal Deepika is one such person who has always proved this point, looking better with every look. We share our list of favourite hairstyles the actor wore in her movies.

The gangster babe
That long, soft-wavy hair bellowing in the wind, which probably receives occasional conditioning treatment, is Deepika’s who plays the daughter of the Saneras chief. With all the grunge happening in her make-up, we sure wonder if the next-in-line to the gangster-throne might even be combing her own hair. Then again, why should she?

Retro red carpet
The retro bun in her movie Om Shanti Om looks rather complex and similar to the bouffant yesteryear actors like Vyjayanthimala and Asha Parekh wore. Notwithstanding the number of pins it takes to hold that hairstyle in place, Deepika gave the look a regal feel in her very first movie as she walked the red carpet.

Code nerd
This boring nerd-look of the still-in-college Deepika in the movie Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is rather similar to Preity Zinta’s in Kal Ho Na Ho. And both Deepika’s and Preity’s characters were called Naina. Seems like, to Dharma Production, Naina is synonymous with the nerd girl. Straight shoulder-length hair with glasses.
The vision! Deepika took it a little further with the hair-band though.

Traditional touch
The half-up–half-down hair as well as the long braid that Deepika wore in Chennai Express, as the Periyathalai’s daughter, looked simple and traditional. Add some flowers to it, and it turns into an elegant option for any religious, or even traditional, function.

Careless & carefree
Deepika’s character in Cocktail was perhaps one of the most glamorous one she has played. Though the pouf pony was most talked about, we think that the small puff in the front with the rest of her hair left open and the two-toned highlights reflected her character better.

Office, office
This stylish yet efficient haircut that Deepika sported in Karthik Calling Karthik works great for career women who have little time for dressing up (because work is their priority) but still want to look glamorous with minimal effort.

The simpleton
Simple straight hair with a middle partition resting calmly on her shoulders is reflective of the no-nonsense girl she plays in the movie Piku. It’s a fuss-free look that allows her to handle things and, well, people in her life, without having to worry about her hair a lot.
The bindi on her forehead just completed the look for us.

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