The signs of making money

If stars can foretell your future, can they predict your fortunes for the year? At the dawn of the New Year, Sruthi Rajan seeks finance expert Anil Rego’s help to decode investment patterns that best suit each Zodiac trait.

For those who would like to know what the future has in store for them this year, here is some help that takes away uncertainties at least around your financial concerns. Read to find out what financial plans best suit your star sign.


Typical traits: Being the youngest of the zodiac signs, Aries is known for its adventurous pursuits. This is also one of the most aggressive zodiac signs, and those born under this sign are known to carry traits of passion into pursuits of making money. The Aries born are also good at making money in creative activities. They love their freedom around financial matters and destiny, and so may prefer self-employment. These competitive and success-driven people like winning, and consider earning money a win. But for all their need to win, Aries cannot hold on to what they earn, and will need someone to manage their affairs.
Investment suggestions: Balance that adventurous nature with a dash of conservatism in investments. As it is in your nature to earn loads of money and watch it disappear, you need to create a contingency fund of at least six months’ expenses.
Put aside as much as 50 per cent of your savings in debt instruments and Public Provident Fund (PPF) to prepare for a comfortable retirement. Especially Aries over 40 years of age should not have equity in excess of 50 per cent of their portfolio. Put that in mutual funds through Systematic Investment Plans (SIPs).
Well-known Aries billionaires: Mukesh Ambani (Indian business magnate, managing director and chairman of Reliance Industries Limited), Larry Page (American internet entrepreneur and computer scientist, who co-founded Google Inc.)


Typical traits: Taurus loves everything flashy and expensive. Though it’s not right to call those born under the sign materialistic, it wouldn’t be too far off the truth to say that they like to own wealth in all forms—money, property and land, etc. However, if given a choice between equities or a house, they would choose a huge, flashy house. They prefer to own things they can touch and feel, like hard cash—unlike stocks, which are intangible. But don’t underestimate a Taurus-born when it comes to investments: they are slow and steady but in it for the long run, and are even good at keeping their money, unlike Aries. But never expect a typical Taurus to lend or borrow money, although you may count on them to pay their bills.
Investment suggestions: Balance your desires for spending by creating a budget, and sticking to it faithfully; set aside at least 25 per cent of your monthly earnings in savings. As you are drawn towards physical assets, build a portfolio of real assets and equity investments. Gold should be considered for the long-run, not just as ornaments. Equity, which will suit you, would have high-dividend yield while providing capital appreciation and affording your expensive tastes. You might want to consider turning 40 per cent of your portfolio into Dynamic Bond Funds.
Well-known Taurus billionaires: Mark Zuckerberg (computer programmer, internet entrepreneur and founder of Facebook), George Lucas (American filmmaker and creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises)


Typical traits: Gemini’s are shrewd and know how to make a sale, and therefore, make it great in sales and marketing careers. As Gemini’s have the qualities of two people in them, they can blend into whatever they want easily and are quick to grab an opportunity. They are extremely good at making contacts, and making money. However, they are not too bothered about financial matters, though they are never in dearth of creative schemes of making money. That being said, for Geminis, money is just the means to meet their ends, as they love adventure, thrill and money, in that order of priority.
Investment suggestions: You work hard for your money; now, let it work hard for you. Prepare for a lifetime of the financial freedom you want, and enjoy the excitement of the journey. The unlimited possibilities and ownership of businesses will be best achieved through investments in growth-equity stocks. The midcap and flexicap type of mutual fund or portfolio will give you excitement with substantial wealth over the long term.
Well-known Gemini billionaires: Anil Ambani (Indian businessman and chairman of Reliance Group), Donald Trump (American businessman, TV personality, and presidential candidate of 2016 elections)


Typical traits: Money equals to security for those born under the crab sign, and security is high on their list of priorities. They love a heavy bank balance and are rather calculative when it comes to spending. This might be the reason they are never really ‘broke’ when it comes to money, though they might, most likely, tell you otherwise. (Now you know better!) It is just that they are simply not very comfortable spending. However, these born ‘money makers’ are not the snobby kind and work hard at earning their bread and butter. They will have their prized possessions all around them (it simply makes them feel secure). They know how to make money and to keep it. And if you catch them spending willingly, take it that it’s for their family. Period.
Investment suggestions: With that unbeatable trait of making and keeping money, you are a dream-come-true for an investment advisor. But you still need to get the best for your savings, so ensure you have a PPF account for every member in your family, including kids, and deposit in it as much as you can. This will take care of your need for security and comfort. Invest the bulk of the rest of your money into large-cap and balanced funds to get more bang for your buck.
Well-known Cancer billionaires: Azim Premji (Indian business tycoon and chairman of Wipro Limited), Hassanal Bolkiah (Sultan of Brunei and its first incumbent Prime Minister)


Typical traits: The generous king of the jungle never likes to say he can’t help when his subjects ask him for help. Leos are all about extravagance. They especially love spending on others.
As the sign is the royalty of the zodiac, Leos are attracted towards anything that denotes royalty. Money is a medium to earn all that they believe they deserve. They spend lavishly on homes, cars and everything that is exorbitantly prized. Never the ones to be disheartened when they lose money, they know they can create more wealth. Leos have a sunny disposition about them, which attracts others. These head-turners can work naturally at obtaining favours when it comes to business. Highly competitive and leading from the front, Leos love to take a risk. Their huge ego, however, doesn’t let them borrow or seek help from friends or family, but from a bank.
Investment suggestions: Your New Year resolution should be to not party until you prepare a practical budget. The next party after your New Year bash should only be after a financial health check-up. Get on a financial diet and work out how you will repay your loans. Then, make certain that you will save not less than 25 per cent of your earnings. Make life easy for yourself by allocating as much money as you can into PPF, and split the rest with 60 per cent for SIPs in blue-chip equity funds and 40 per cent in dynamic bond funds. But ensure you make your investments on the very day after your salary gets credited. Start this ritual in 2016, and you will have a lifetime of ‘plenty’.
Well-known Leo billionaires: JK Rowling (British author of the Harry Potter series), Mark Cuban (American businessman and TV personality)


Typical traits: One of the most organised signs in the Zodiac, the perfectionist Virgo will never have issues relating to money, as they manage it excellently. They are practical in their approach and make great accounting officers. That being said, they still need a lot of discipline, structure and rules in their life. They are better off working somewhere than being self-employed. You’d rarely ever find a Virgo that is not prepared for the future.
Thus, the last thing you would ever see them do is ask for financial assistance. They know
to make the money they require. Simple.
Investment suggestions: You know what money can do for you, and you let it do its job with dignity. Considering inflation and the rising costs of education and funding your own retirement, you need to beat your conservative attitude. Increase your equity exposure to 50 per cent of your portfolio,
with equal allocation to blue-chip and midcap mutual funds.
Well-known Virgo billionaires: Lakshmi Mittal (Indian steel magnate and CEO of ArcelorMittal), Warren Buffet (American business tycoon)


Typical traits: Librans are not known for their diplomatic nature, with the romantic in them possessing a love for luxury and all things beautiful. Like a Gemini, those born under this sun sign are known to possess the innate traits of two people, as they are for their indecisiveness. Librans always try to create a balance in anything they do. However, this tendency doesn’t always work in their favour. For instance, in their attempt to be in the good books of people, Librans tend to overlook money matters, and over-spend. Librans need someone to help them out with their finances, as they work best with inputs from their counterparts.
Investment suggestions: Loving beauty and good things in life are wonderful traits. Surely, you would like to have a lifetime of these things. Use the services of a financial planner and ensure you are honest with him or her. Get a financial life plan and ensure you contribute to your retirement fund faithfully, every month. Create a corpus for the overseas holiday you’ve wanted although avoid paying in instalments, please. Ditto about that tempting car purchase—make a down payment. You like balance in your life; get it in your investments as well. A balanced fund, mutual fund or portfolio management service (PMS) will suit you the best.
Well-known Libran billionaires: Dilip Shanghvi (Indian businessman and the managing director of Sun Pharmaceuticals), Stefan Persson (Swedish business magnate and the chairman of H&M)


Typical traits: The secretive and mysterious scorpion is just the same when it comes to money. Like Cancerians, Scorpios will surely have a stash of money hidden somewhere. If money is security for those born under the Cancer sign, it is insurance for the Scorpio-born. Be it a crisis, financial or otherwise,
a confident Scorpio will emerge a winner by manoeuvring smartly out of it. The calculative Scorpio will make the perfect strike in business. They are great success stories and inspirations for others, and know how to spend their money in the best ways.
Investment suggestions: You have the confidence to get out of tough situations and can hang on to money. That being said, while many things in life can be accomplished by the seat-of-your-pants, this does not apply to financial matters. You do not seem to be the bank-robber type (thankfully, for that’s a rather dangerous profession), so preparing for life’s curve balls needs a bit of planning. Ensure you have sufficient insurance—medical, term life and especially a personal accident insurance policy. Do a check on your debt levels—enjoying other people’s money can result in nasty overheads if you have outstanding balances on your card, or other loans (except home mortgages; please don’t prepay this one). A fixed income weightage suits you, so ensure a portfolio with 60 per cent debt and rest in equity, through PMS.
Well-known Scorpio billionaires: Bill Gates (American business magnate and co-founder of Microsoft), Liliane Bettencourt (French heiress and businesswoman)


Typical traits: Like their best friend Leo, Sagittarius is generous when it comes to aiding others. They do everything BIG, and so too with money. They love to spend and rarely worry about losing their finances, as they believe they can make more, any time. Interestingly, a Sagittarius is famous for being lucky. They seem to be born with all the luck they need, maybe because they are one of the most optimistic and happy-go-lucky signs. They, therefore, do not face much of money issues. However, their adventure streaks lead them to take risks, and they end up spending loads of money having fun in their lives.
Investment suggestions: Your ability to make and give away money is enviable. You need to have a financial insurance to take care of those unexpected occasions when you realise that money does not indeed grow on trees. And by that, we do not mean an insurance policy; of course, you need to have life, medical and personal accident policies too. Invest in a contingency fund, in a liquid- or floating-rate mutual fund, with at least three months expenses catered for. Set 25 per cent of monthly earnings aside in SIPs so that you can continue to enjoy the good things that life throws at you; 60 per cent in blue-chip equities and 40 per cent in dynamic debt mutual funds will be ideal for you in 2016.
Well-known Sagittarian billionaires: Steven Spielberg (American director and
producer), Abigail Johnson (American businesswoman and CEO of investment firm Fidelity Investments)


Typical traits: Capricorn is a very cautious sun sign and does not take a step without considering all risks involved. They are practical and crafty in their business, relating to finances as well. They will work hard and achieve what they want slowly but cautiously. However, this might take a long time. Quite like a Taurus, Capricorns love materialistic possessions too. But they like to possess a little more than Taureans, especially if these possessions are on sale. That summarises a Capricorn—they rarely make a move unless they have a contingency plan.
Investment suggestions: Caution and hard work are characteristics that Capricorns bring to building their portfolios. This is wonderful for sustaining your lifestyles and taking care of your regular needs. You tend to ignore the need for something extra for the luxuries craved for. In 2016, start compensating for the lag in creating the ‘wow’ funds. Go for more equity—invest 75 per cent of your earnings until you have at least 50 per cent of your financial assets in equities. Flexicap or midcap equity funds or PMS are ideal for you.
Well-known Capricorn billionaires: Jeff Bezos (American technology entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Amazon), Dina Merrill (American actor and businesswoman), Vladimir Potanin (Russian entrepreneur
and oligarch)


Typical traits: Aquarians are very simple people, who are all about the bigger causes (read ‘non-monetary’). Among all their other dreams, such as making a difference in the world and saving it, finance often takes a back seat. This doesn’t mean that they can’t make money, as they do attract money. However, it doesn’t stay in their hands for long because they often forget about their own needs. And they are not bothered about the money that’s lost on all the other causes they undertake. Unlike Leos and Taureans, spending money on shopping is not that attractive for Aquarians. Most of them prefer to be self-employed. They are known to be great visionaries and entrepreneurs.
Investment suggestions: Money is meant to circulate, but it will be good to hang on to, so that you have enough at all times. Being an entrepreneur is a sure-fire way towards greater earnings, but you need to ensure that there is insurance for the occasional downturns. Balance your natural aggression with some conservative investments—have 30 per cent invested in realty, 50 per cent in fixed income (bond / income mutual funds) and 20 per cent in blue-chip equity. Be regular in your investments and use SIPs when possible, and whenever you have a windfall, just make investments, before you find a way to give the money away.
Well-known Aquarian Billionaires: Oprah Winfrey (Philanthropist and former American talk-show host), Lee Byung-Chul (South Korean businessman and founder of Samsung Group)


Typical traits: The last sign of the zodiac is also the dreamer of the zodiac chart. However, they need to follow up on their dreams more often. Like Gemini and Libra, Pisces is also a dualistic sign. While that helps them adapt well and learn from the various situations that they find themselves in, they need to accept their dualistic trait in order to succeed further. They usually have some great plans, especially monetary; however, soon, they find themselves heading in another direction, mostly before their plans are executed.
When it comes to their finances, Pisceans need to remember to be patient. Being the last sign in the zodiac also means that they are the most intuitive of the lot, even as they lack decisiveness. However, a Piscean who has learnt to trust his intuitions will succeed in life.
Investment suggestions: Patience with your investments will ensure the grass is greener on your side. Believe Albert Einstein’s statement, that “Compounding is the 8th wonder of the world.” You need to have to fill in investments for creating long-term wealth. Ensure your PPF account is fully invested each year. Save at least 25 per cent of your monthly income, putting 50 per cent of it ideally in blue-chip equity funds and the other half in dynamic bond funds. Don’t look at monthly valuation every six months, which is too often.
Well-known Piscean Billionaires: Uday Kotak (managing director of Kotak Mahindra Bank), Steve Jobs (American computer entrepreneur and late co-founder, former Chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.), Sarah Blakely (businesswoman and founder of Spanx a hosiery company)

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