Things to know before you lose ‘it’

Losing your virginity is a significant event in your life. Everyone’s first time is different with varied circumstances. Here are five tips that will help you get through the experience without being nervous.

First time sex hurts a little

Do not try out different sex positions during your first time because if you are nervous and tensed, it may hurt even more. It’s important to relax and take it slowly and carefully.

Foreplay is a must

Turn on your partner with cuddling and kissing. Engaging in sexual behaviour will loosen up your body and make it easier for both of you while getting into the main act. Be careful and enjoy the experience.

It’s ok to not be perfect

Don’t feel upset if you didn’t have the experience you had hoped for. It’s not necessary that everyone feels satisfied. And if you’re with another virgin, it’s even more unlikely. Gradually as you grow more comfortable with each other, you’ll figure out what seems great in the experience.

Bleeding is subjective

If you bleed, do not get scared as you tend to break your hymen the first time. However, it’s also possible that your hymen is already broken through physical activity, sports, cycling, masturbation, fingering, etc. So do not feel embarrassed, as it’s completely normal.

You can get pregnant

While thinking about being sexually active, you need to consider protecting yourself against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases by practicing safe sex. Talk about it with your partner and use
protection; it will not necessarily make sex less enjoyable.

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