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Your Date-Night Rules of Etiquette

For those who can’t wait for the mush of Valentine’s Day, there’s more to making an impression than chocolates, flowers and stuffed hearts. Sheena Agarwaal shares tips on how to be on your best behaviour when you are out with your Valentine.

Good etiquette requires you to pay undivided attention when you’re out on a date with your special someone. When the stakes are high, etiquette lessons come even handier.

Rules for men
4 Don’t wait till the last minute to ask the lady out. Most women, popular or otherwise, are most likely to be asked out by more than one man for the night. So make sure you ask ahead in time. Ideally, a week before the day is a good enough time-frame.
4 Special and meaningful doesn’t have to mean expensive. If on a tight budget, cook at home. Get creative with the menu, and dish out the lady’s favourite dishes. There is nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal.
4 Chivalry is cool. Make your lady feel special; usher her out of the car, hold the door for her.
4 If eating out, make sure you make your reservations well in time. It is one of the busiest nights in restaurants, and you wouldn’t want to falter. Also, manage your expenses well before hand. Nothing’s worse on a date night more than a declined credit card.
4 When getting the cheque, offer to pay unless the lady offers to ‘go dutch’. Some women like having their meal paid for, others don’t. There is no right answer anymore.
4 While on your date, remember to always maintain eye contact, though not in
a creepy way.
4 No one wants to be courted by someone with bad breath or dirty nails—your image and persona are vital for success. When dressing yourself, remember the sartorial rules are made for a reason. Break them at your peril!

Rules for women
4 Put some effort in dressing up as a mark of respect for the man’s effort to make this day special for you. There is nothing more letting down than walking with flip-flops at a fine-dine restaurant. You may even discuss the dress code for the night with your partner to dodge possible disasters.
4 Nothing sparkles more than your eye under the candlelight. Keep your make-up simple yet elegant for a sit down dinner. If your date is the creative sort, it could be interesting for you to experiment with colours and style.
4 Even though you have known your date for the longest time, please reserve your everyday gossip for another day. This day is about both of you. Focus on letting him talk, and get to know him better.
4 Leave your baggage behind. Literally!
There is nothing more annoying than a woman scuffling through her bag to look for that lip-gloss. Invest in a classy clutch instead.
4 Don’t be self-obsessed. Rather than thinking of what you should expect from your Valentine, think of how you can make it special for him, too.
(The writer is an Image Consultant and director of Urbanista Image Consultancy)

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