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Stop Animal Atrocity

Cruelty towards animals is inhuman, it is time to raise your voice against it…
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Our voiceless animal friends ask for very little other than some food, and a little love and compassion. As human beings, it is therefore a must that we consciously work towards creating a better world, a world where our stray friends can co-exist peacefully with us humans.
However, stray animals are not given much importance in our country. This is evident from the fact that the Prevention of Cruelty Towards Animal Act, 1960, has witnessed no changes, even after all these years. But this does not mean that anyone has the right to be cruel towards animals.
Statistically speaking, according to a recent survey, 32% of cat owners and 34% of dog owners leave their pets to wander on the streets. There are many reasons for this–ranging from economic to lack of awareness about animals. We also often hear of and see incidents where a stray dog or cat has been badly beaten up for taking shelter in a society, or for sleeping there through the night. Instances of cruelty can range from blinding the animal, breaking its hands and legs, poisoning them, and silencing them forever. Extreme cruelty is implicated not just on dogs and cats, but also on cows to horses, and all other types of animals and birds.
Not much definite data is available regarding animal cruelty, but according to a survey by the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations, 4,93,910 incidents related to animal cruelty have been reported between 2010-2020. The figures found through newspapers and other reports are as follows: there were 720 cases of crime against street animals, 741 cases of working animals, 588 cases against living animals, 88 cases of farm animals, and 288 cases related to wild animals and birds. As far as cruelty is concerned, about 1000 cases of cruelty have been reported; in which 82 were cases of sexual abuse, 266 were cases of deliberate murder, and more than 400 were cases of violent attacks, including beating, kicking, torture. This includes acid attacks, throwing boiling water, cutting off body parts, stabbing, or the likes. In 20 of these cases, cruelty was committed by children.
The biggest problem with regard to crime against animals is that very often people do not consider crime against animals as a ‘crime’, nor do they understand the need to go to the police and register a complaint. Even if the case is registered, the law is so old that there is no provision for major punishment in it. The offender often gets away by paying a fine of only INR 10 to INR 100. In India, a number of celebrities like Anushka Sharma, Virat Kohli, John Abraham, Randeep Hooda, have taken up the cause for cruelty towards animals. But this fight can be successful only if more and more ordinary people like you and me join the cause towards prevention of animal cruelty.
No, we are not asking you to turn animal lovers overnight, or asking you to keep them. All we are saying is, even if you are not able to love them, or keep them, do not torture them. If dogs bark at night, do not pelt them with stones. Help a sick, old or an injured animal. Arrange as much food and water as possible for street animals and if you cannot do it yourself, do not stop those helping out. If you have adopted an animal at home, take full responsibility for it. People often keep animals hungry and thirsty by tying them up in shackles, even at home. As a responsible citizen, if you witness any form of crime against animals, waste no time in coming forward to help them; and if need be, register a case with the police.
Join our cause to end cruelty towards animals now! Sign this petition so that people's thinking towards animals changes, old laws change, and the fear of punishment increases. After all, our furry friends deserve to live with dignity and love as well.

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